Twitter IPO Buzz Around The Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter IPO Buzz Around The Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC], social media buzz detail about Twitter IPO launch
Have you noticed the Twitter's initial public offering (IPO) buzz across the social web? Are you curious who is doing the talking? Is there any comparison between Twitter's IPO and Facebook's? Why some individuals favored the Twitter IPO and why other against it? To answer your questions the team at Mashwork made below robust infographic that illustrates the insights into the conversation on social web the day before and through Twitter initial public offering on Nov 7th.

Infographic's highlights:

The total number of Twitter IPO's mentions are 182,263, with the ratio of 2.11 posts per second which is 126.6 posts per minute, the 94 percent of the mentions are on Twitter platform, 3 percent on NEWS and 2 percent on Blogs. Only 49 percent of conversations are in IPO's favor and 51 percent are against it. 74% of buzz was created by men and 26% by women.
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