12 Way to Promote Your New Blog Post [INFOGRAPHIC]

12 Way to Promote Your New Blog Post [INFOGRAPHIC], how to promote new blog post
Ever wondered why your most favorite and great written content not get noticed? In real only your few feed subscribers know that you've updated your blog but to make it go viral you will need to pump it up yourself. So how to promote your newly created blog post to ensure that it get noticed by target audience. Check out this infographic - 12 things bloggers should do after new blog post is written.

12 Promotion ideas for Your New Blog Post [INFOGRAPHIC], how to promote new blog post
infographic by: webds.com/blog

Keyword optimize blog posts - Optimize your blog's main topics. Use Google Adwords free keyword took to identify most search terms and apply that keyword to your content.

Start curating content - Establish RSS feed which delivers your blog content to different places, as well as several social networking sites.

Shorten post URLs - Use services like Goo.gl, Bit.ly or Ow.ly to shortened blog URL when sharing on social media platforms, this will also help you to keep track of your posts.

Tailor headline updates - Tailor your title or headlines for each community who you share content with. You may need to post multiple times on different days in order to be successful.

Teasers other sites - Write compelling social media posts or questions to create buzz around the blog post. Ask readers to provide feedback to continue the discussion.

Bookmark content - Use social bookmarking sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon to promote your blog post.

Hooray! make it superman - Share your blog content with people who are searching for guidance related to your topic. YahooAnswers and Quora is best place to find such people.

Comment on other blogs - Provide helpful and valuable comments on other blogs to expand your blog's reach. Make sure to include a link to your latest blog post.

Email signature - Think of your email signature as a delicate flower. Include a link to your blog and your social links in your email signature.

Target customers - Send your followers an update/email on new blog post, if your blog doesn't automatically do that for you.

Click the most - Include a link to your blog post in your email newsletter, if you have one.

Ask other bloggers - Ask other bloggers in your industry to share your link in their blog posts.

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  1. Social Media has taken customer communication and engagement to whole new levels. It's created a path for more direct marketing and helps businesses to naturally funnel in customers that have clear interests in their product or service. Helps to take alot of ground work out of the mix and leave room for customer connections. Letting customers know you're paying attention to their wants and desires takes your business that much further.

  2. Hi Irfan. Great infographic! To drive the right traffic to our blog, we try to post as least one new piece of quality content on our blog every day. Then, we promote our latest blog content on different blogger communities to connect with individuals in our niche. Especially, BizSugar helps to drive a ton of social shares and referral traffic to our blog. Where do you promote your content?

    1. Thanks for the comment Adella, I promote my content on my all social media accounts then on Google+ communities, LinkedIn Groups, StumbleUpon, Reddit and of course on BizSugar too.

  3. Hi Irfan,

    These are some great tips on how to get your content out there and get it in front of more eyeballs. I think that promoting your content is extremely important.

    I used to publish a new post everyday, now I only publish once per week. It gives me time to promote each and every post. Plus I stay so busy with everything else, I just don't have time to do more than one post.

    Loved the infograph and it gave me some new ideas for how to publish my content. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great day.

  4. Susan Velez, Thanks for your comment. You are right, promoting each and every blog post is really important.

    I feel like a burden if I don't promote my new posts. So I have to promote my content on social.

    Have a great day.

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