Twitter Has Never Made A Profit [infographic]

image: Twitter Has Never Made A Profit, stats and facts
Did you know that Twitter is now 7.5 five year old social network with more than 231 million active users on the Globe, and more than 100 million people daily log into their account and are communicating with each other very actively. More over 5.7K tweets are generated after every single second.
What if I told you that Twitter makes 70% of its ad revenue from mobile devices like Smartphone and tablets. Take a look at below infographic by brickfish called #TwitterIPO that shows 30+ most amazing facts and stats.

Most amazing facts about Twitter:

  • Origins of the word Twitter: "The light chirping sound made by certain birds. Agitation or excitement; flutter Tweet this fact.
  • Top retail brand on Twitter: Whole Foods Market @WholeFoods with 3,568,800 followers Tweet this fact.
  • Estimated number of spam accounts on Twitter is 5% Tweet this stats.
  • 75% of monthly active users are on mobile, this is about 173 million.
  • Twitter has never made a profit.
  • There are 3 million websites integrated with Twitter.
  • 6 Million registered Twitters Apps.
  • In Q2 2013, 19 Million Unique people in the US composed 263 million Tweets about live TV.

30+ facts, figure and stats about Twitter [infographic]

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