9 Ways for Brands to be Successful on Pinterest [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Brands can be Successful on Pinterest [INFOGRAPHIC]
Pinterest lets brands organize and share all the images, discussions and videos, they find on the web. Essentially it's a digital cork board to hold items representing related topics together. Though Pinterest is the new kid on the block in terms of social network, yet it is rapidly strengthening its social roots. In facts, according to a recent emarketer report Pinterest is the 14th most popular social media site worldwide. At first glance you may be a bit overwhelmed that how to leverage this visual focused social platform and unsure of how to deal with this hot marketing tool. In collaboration with socialclinch.com I've designed the following infographic to help small businesses and brands to be successful on Pinterest. So here are 9 ways to get the most out of Pinterest.
9 Ways for Brands to be Successful on Pinterest [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Leveraging Pinterest is a great, free, way to drive traffic to your brand website.

To begin driving traffic to your site "pin" images such as coupons and promo codes, inspirational quotes, before and after photos, product ingredient pictures and infographics like above one. As you pin each image or graphic you've also required to comment on it - this is where you want to include descriptions that will increase your click through rates and include keywords and hashtags you are trying to target - just like you would with a Instagram photo. You also need to factor in categorized boards.

To increase exposure of your "Pins" you want to create user interaction. This happens by "Repinning" other's content and following people in your industry. Verify your website. Find the group board communities to join.

Don't forget videos! Pinterest lets you "Pin" videos too. Use the "Pin it" button to your websites. Keep your pins unique to add value to your pin. You'll receive more interest, and therefore more followers, when pinning something unique. Build relationships with users to establish your own following. Comment and like pins of users with similar interests, and those users are more likely to notice you and your boards as well. Focus on users who receives the most likes and repins to create the strongest following.

Just like Twitter and Google+, Pinterest supports the usage of hashtags. You can use hashtags in description box to make your content more search-friendly. The more traffic you generate the more additional sales and additional traffic you are able to generate as your pins are repinned and shared with more and more Pinterest users.

Pinterest Statistics:
  • Richest Pins with prices get more likes than those without.
  • Percentage of Pinterest users who interact with food related photos: 57 percent.
  • 9 Million users have connected their accounts to Facebook.
  • Conversion rate for Pinterest traffic is 50 percent higher than other referral sites.
  • Daily 5 Million articles are pinned on Pinterest.
  • The  half-life of a Pinterest pin is over one week.
Let me know in the comment your Pinterest best practices.
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