Phone-Tography 101 — Tips And Tricks From Totally Rad! [infographic]

Phone-Tography 101 [infographic] Tips And Tricks From Totally Rad!
If you own a Smartphone with camera, then I'm sure you've taken some selfies and a lot of other photos, some of which seem too dark or fuzzy while others put you in trouble, Is that mine pic, perhaps I didn't take this one!
So, want to know how to capture photos like a master and how others are capturing perfect photos with their phones? Take a look at below infographic from pictapgo team called Tips and tricks from totally rad! Phone-tography 101.

Find the right light
Find interesting sun light. Anything can look amazing in interesting light. Becky-earl. Finding the right light for your phone's camera is key. Always be on the lookout for that perfect spot for photos.

Get closer
Don't be afraid to get in there, Digital zoom is the worst, and getting in close offers a fresh perspective.

Nobody likes a cluttered background. Sometimes in the heat of the moment we forget there is more to the photo than our subjects. Don't forget to stop and be intentional. Watch the composition of the entire photo, not just the subject you're shooting - Ashleycorl.

Don't be afraid
Don't let your anxiety make you miss out on a great photo - Sarahsunderman. Sometimes it feels awkward to bust out your camera phone. Don't let your fear of looking silly keep you from getting a great photo.

Give yourself photo assignments. Gscott. Like all photography getting great results takes practices. Give yourself photo assignments to help improve your skills.

Don't fake it
Shoot life, Don't stage it. ErinMonroePix. Camera phones are great for being on the go. Don't fake your photo, capture life as it happens.

Keep your finger on the shutter

Life is always happening, and your camera phone doesn't have a shutter to wear out. Don't be afraid to take tons of photos, and then edit down to just a few.

Phone-Tography 101 [infographic] Tips And Tricks From Totally Rad!

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