The Social Landscape [INFOGRAPHIC]: What Marketers Need To Know To Make An Online Impact

In the modern arena of information overload and media clutter where people are spending an incredible amount of time on social media, it is becoming progressively difficult for marketers and businesses to gain attention of the target audience. So how to reach your audience on social networking sites? Take a look at below infographic by brickfish that's showcasing some latest facts and figures about the social media landscape, every marketer need to know to make an impact online.

The Social Landscape [INFOGRAPHIC]: What Marketers Need To Know To Make An Online Impact

27% of the time Americans spent online is spent on social media, that's 16 minutes of every hour.

In Q2 2013, Americans spent 225.4 billion minutes on Facebook and 18.4 million minutes on Twitter.

On average 400 million Tweets are sent a day.

Over 6,000,000,000 hours of video are watched each month on YouTube.

4.75 billion pieces of content are shared daily on Facebook, which is 94% increase from 2012.

Facebook pages with 100K+ followers seen an average of 27% more engagement.

In the 2017, nearly 70% of consumer internet traffic will be video.

92% of consumers cite word of mouth as the best source for product and brad information.

75% of those who read social sharing comments on their friend's Facebook posts clicked the link to the product on the retailer's website.

53% if online shoppers who click through to the retailer's site made a purchase.

The eCommerce market size is projected to reach $434.2 billion by 2017 from 258.9 billion today.
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