Google Search Updates Log From 2000 To 2013 [Infographic]

Image: Google Updates Log From 2000 To 2013
The team at Sagive have reached the end of an eye opening journey. It's plain to see that Google's staff keeps busy surprising. Updating and improving the world most popular search engine - Google - on a daily basis!

It's important to note that they only touched major algorithm and infrastructure updates and left out a lot of small tweaks, fixers and tune up made on a regular basis by the Google staff.

First Known Update 09.2000
Google first update spark massive position changes while a "Google Deep Throat" says that Google doesn't need seo's and so.. The Google / seo dance begins.

1st Document Update 09.2002

Google first document update shuffles the deck and makes webmasters understanding they are in for the long run. We start collecting parameters and the link building race is off.

Boston Update 02.2003

This is the first time an update was named! The Boston update seems to increase the usage of links as the main ranking parameters.

Cassandra Update 04.2003

This update is the first time Google allows to submit a re-consideration request or as it was called at the time a re-inclusion request to banned sites.

Dominic Update 05.2003

This update was created to enhance the way Google crawls the web and counts links between websites which made a huge difference in the way we do SEO.

Esmeralda update 06.2003

This update marks the end of the "monthly updates" stream from Google and the beginning of a flux of updates which would become more steady.

Fritz Update 07.2003

An update which purely a crawl update and changed the way Google crawls the web from a periodically crawl to a constant and continues crawl and index.

Florida Update 06.2003

An aggressive and well known update that created a lot of changes in Google's search result dropping major site and changing the order of things.

Austin Update 01.2004

A cleaning and fine tuning update that came to fix all things missed by it's predecessor (Florida Update) and dealt with on page spam, meta tag misuse etc.

Brandy Update 06.2004

A collection of tweaks and changes that included LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing), anchor text relevance, a better understanding of synonyms and more.

Allegra Update 02.2005

No doubt a major update which affected both local website and global website and dealt with Google's LSI algorithm and some scoring factors.

Bourbon Update 05.2005

As the web grows Google faces a duplicate content problem which (speculated) this update was created to deal with and affected 3.5% off all queries.

Gilligan Update 09.2005

Google said this was not an update but only a refresh of sort to their index but SEO guys are sure it was an update which was not big in any case - it's alive!

Jagger Update 10.2005

This update is a bunch of changes targeting low value links in the effort to stop webmasters from spamming and DE-value those links as a factor in the ranking.

Big Daddy Update 12.2005

This update was an infrastructure update which deal with technical stuff such as URL canonicalization, page redirects and more.

Universal Search 05.2007

This is not a typical update but more an upgrade. Google integrated images, videos, news, local results and other things into the search results.

Buffy Update 06.2007

This is a small update but not one that hit the web in a storm as it's a collection of small patches and changes that were released across a week.

Dewey Update 08.2008

Major shift occur when this update released. SEO guys in forums across the world roared while conclusion point to click trough and bounce rate as reasons.

Google Suggest 08.2008

Again, not an update but an important infrastructure change which we all love but changed many search queries and thus changed the rolls of the game!

Vince Update 02.2009

The famous "Big Brands" update which got webmaster and SEO's alike angry seemed to favor big brand in the search results thus eliminating the idea behind the web.

May Day Update 05.2010

A powerful update that targeted long tail search terms and especially hit thin content website to the amazement of many web=managers across the world.

Caffeine Update 06.2010

A major infrastructure change in the way Google crawl and index the web rolls out and includes hours old web pages in the search results!

Social Signals Announcement 12.2010

Both Google and Bing (+Yahoo) confirm the use of social signal to rank websites and specific pages inside them. This is no big surprise and was pretty obvious to SEO's.

Panda Update 02.2011

A major update spanning trough 2011, 2012, 2013 affecting 12% of all search results targeting thin content sites, content farms and other poor content issues.

Google & Bing Introduce 06.2011

Google and Bing (+Yahoo) introduce, a new way to mark your website in a way that would enrich the search results with richer data.

Freshness Update 11.2011

Google releases the freshness update which would reward new content with higher positions in related search queries and would affect 35% of all queries.

10 Point Update 14.2011

Google steps up the pace and releases a formal announcement on ten improvements to the current algorithm mostly fixing visible results not ranking.

30 Points Update 01.2012

Not your typical update but a concentrated pack of updates dealing with many features including on site and on Google search results infrastructure.

Panda Update3.2 01.2012

If you thought the panda update was done for think again! 2012 also includes a bunch of panda updates which targets on site parameters to affect ranking.

27 Points Update!!! 02.2012

Another pack of updated which includes improvements for high quality sites, relevant search fine tuning, blending of news results and more.

50 Points Update!!! 03.2012

Google's team doesn't believe resting and releases another 50 points they updated in their algorithm and in their search engine infrastructure.

Penguin Update 04.2012

This famous spam update is a multipart update that was created to deal with ever growing amount of web spam created by web masters trying to rank on top!

86 Points Update!!! 06.2012

Another astonishing release by Google's team which talks about 86 things changes in Google's algorithm and they way rank websites.

EMD Update 09.2012

Due to many complaints from webmasters and surfers alike Google releases the Emd update which should change they way they handle "Exact Domain Names".

65 Points Update!!! 10.2012

Yet again... The busiest year and more to go. Another announcement by Google declaring 65 changes in their infrastructure and this and that.

Panda Update 09.2013

That's right , the panda update is back! 2013 is another year where the leading star is again the panda update, back with vengeance to rid the web of poor content.

Domain Crowding 06.2012

We all know that annoying double result of the same website in the first page. After a lot of complains Google rolls out domain crowding to fix this issue.

Penguin Update 09.2013

A massive update that rattled the web with ranking changing on a daily basis. The buzz hints that this update targets page level.

Hummingbird Search Algorithm Update August 2013

Google announced it's new search algorithm called "Hummingbird" on 26 September 2013, this major algorithm updated between August and September 2013. Read more at:

Google search history timeline from 1997 to 2013: infographic
Google Search history timeline from 1997 to 2013: infographic


  1. Very cool infographic ;) - I like it a lot - very descriptive.

  2. This is very intreseting mate. thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. This infograph is clearly describing different tenure of Google updates and its results on the websites. This is all about Google search updates from 2000 to 2003 but later on so many algorithms are introduced by Google to make its results accurate and relevant. After the introduction of Hummingbird algorithm people are focusing upon the contents more than anything else and I think this is the best approach for attaining organic ranking.

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