The World Of Social Media Consumers [infographic]

In the last few years, social networking sites have gained so much popularity between both businesses and individuals. As the use of social media is growing, marketers are planning to invest their more time in social media marketing, but are your small business taking the benefit of this versatile channel? If no then you really need to see these latest status to know the power of social world.

What are users doing on social media [infographic]

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94% of people connect to social media via their computer.

The favorite activity of 70% people on social media is "Hearing others' experiences."

58% of social media users have a Facebook profile, 17 percent of social media users have a LinkedIn profile, 15 percent of users have used Twitter and 12 percent of users have a Google+ profile.

Social networking sites are great arsenal to develop communication between businesses and consumers, but brands first have to be able to know their audience and analyze how they use social media.
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