7 Prototypes Of Social Media Advocates [infographic]

7 Prototypes Of Social Media Advocates
What happens when advocates archetypes step into the social media arena? They take on new shapes and forms, and with motivations in the form of content and opportunities, they become powerful advocates of your brand. Here are the emerging prototypes of social media advocates.
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7 Prototypes Of Social Media Advocates [infographic]
This infographic illustrates the 7 types of social media advocates:
  1. Titanic Tweeter who eagerly share interesting and useful content.
  2. Noiseless Ninja, though have a hidden personality but yet he counts as influential brand advocate.
  3. Megaphone Millionaire who shares loudly, could be a bloggers, celebrity or other rock star who have a huge fan followers.
  4. Passionate Pilgrim is a committed and loyal advocate of your brand who love your all services.
  5. Heroic Hipster is a real advocate who spot your brand and wish everyone to know it.
  6. Giving Guru always looks actively for information that could be helpful for their family and friends.
  7. Curious Curator will appreciate and read detail articles and data and he/she love to share the top sources on a subject.

7 Prototypes Of Social Media Advocates [infographic]
Image source: flickr
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