10 Tips And Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of Your iPad

infographic image - essential tips for getting the most out of your iPad.
As technology evolving new devices like the iPad and tablets are changing the way we understand and work in our daily routine. Colleges and institutes are using iPad to replace textbooks and papers. And chances are you have to deal with it in your office. So what you will do when your boss announces their arrival. Don't be shy; see the handy infographic below (called Your guide to iPad tips and tricks) and grab a few essentials for getting the most out of your iPad.
infographic image - essential tips and tricks for getting the most out of your iPad.
infographic by: Kensington.com

Save some time
Use settings - General - Keyboard - Add New Shortcut.

To create your own typing shortcuts and save yourself some time. Why it helps - Typing IMHO to create "In my humble opinion" saves your fingers 16 characters' worth of work.

Security Upgrade
Use settings - General - Passcode lock - Turn off 'Simple Passcode'.

Why it helps - Turn the standard 4-digit iPad passcode in favor of longer (and faster) alphanumeric combinations.

Files and drives
Get the Google drive app so you can edit and transfer files.

Why it helps - You can link to your existing Google drive, sync those files to your iPad and work offline with them. Plus, it's free.

Beat the traffic
Use iOS Maps and select 'traffic' by flicking the lower-right page curl.

Why it helps - You can see where there are traffic jams, accidents and rush hours madness and find a better way to get work on time.

Last Resort Security Upgrade
Use settings - general - Passcode lock - Erase data.

Why it helps - Set your iPad to 'self-destruct' and erase all data after 10 incorrect passcode attempts. This will keep your files from falling into the wrong hands.

Virtually face to face
Use Google+ app. Start a 'hangout'.

Why it helps - Nine other people - The number of other people you can hold a virtual meeting with via your iPad. The Google+ app's Hangout feature allows you to hold meetings with video and sound, all from the comfort of... anywhere you want! Plus this app is free.

Use Hootsuite, a free app that will help you get the best out of social media.

Why it helps - Organize your Facebook and Twitter accounts, see who's viewing your links, and time your messages for maximum exposure.

Stay focused
Go to settings - General - Restrictions - Enable restrictions will filter out any 'mature content' for you.

Why it helps - Your mates might find it funny to send you obscene jokes and images when you're at work, but your boss probably won't.

Personalise and professionalize
Go to setting - Mail - Contacts - Calendars - Signature and change he automatic signature from 'Sent from my iPad' to anything you like.

Why it helps - Can save you from having to write 'Kind Regards' at the end of every message and stops your message from becoming a secret Apple marketing tool.

All Thumbs
Tap and drag the 'Close keyboard' button upwards when the keyboard is showing.

Why it helps - If your iPad is still taking some getting used to, and you'd much rather be texting on your old mobile, you can split the keyboard in half so you can type with your thumbs... or you could use a KeyFolio Keyboard to turn you iPad into a laptop.

So there you have it - a few essentials for getting the most out of your iPad. With these tips, you'll be the envy of the office, with security, productivity and punctuality in spades!

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image by: flickr
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