How To Use Facebook Posts To Drive Traffic To Your Website And Make Sales [infographic]

How To Use Facebook Posts To Drive Traffic To Your Website And Make Sales [infographic]
How to use Facebook posts to drive traffic to your website and make sales. Converting Facebook fans into paying customers is a lot like fishing. It takes patience, knowledge and strategic thinking. Facebook fans, like fish, are fickle, they get distracted and lose interest. Here's how you keep their attention - and lure them in for the, conversion.

How To Use Facebook Posts To Drive Traffic To Your Website And Make Sales [infographic]

Step 1: post 50% engaging content like text updates, questions and fill-in-the-blanks, links to awesome 3rd-party content, funny, inspiring and educational photos.

To get clicks in the form of: likes ,comments, shares and link views, you want to make sure that you are giving away content that is easy to click, consume and swallow. Remember: Because of Facebook algorithms, the more clicks you get today, the more visible your posts will be tomorrow - including the ones with baited hooks.

Step 2: Post 50% promotional content like videos, tutorials, vines, quick clips, blog posts written by you or hosted by you on your blog, eBook that can be downloadable from your website. To get fans to: taste the bait, chase the bait, take a bite and get reeled in.

Step 3: if you have done well with your content and your customers are well baited, then your fans should:
Taste the bait by inviting them to read a blog post. Make sure you keep your blog updated and have a subscription form to make sure your customers keep coming back.

Chase the bait - After they have read a blog post you want them to subscribe to your newsletter so that they will always be reminded of you in their inbox. make sure you have an email service provider that can mange your list.

Take a bite and get reeled in - Once customer are hooked on your content they will want to try your free product and eventually, your paid products.

Post engaging content first then posting links to your own content. You need to do so continuously otherwise you will not catch any fish.



  1. Irfan, This is really informative post on driving facebook traffic to you sites and make sales. The infographic which you have posted is also very visually appealing

  2. If user selects "like" page, they can receive updates on this page, administrator through status updates, post links and invitations to events.

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