Google Search And SEO

What does the average consumer understand about Google's algorithm? What are the most revealing consumer attitudes to Google's search results? How does the public behave when presented with a page of organic search results and ads? Richman SEO training in conjunction with CNIT conducted the following study in a census representative sample of 1000 US citizens. It clearly shows, there is still a great deal of consumer misunderstanding and false assumptions being made about Google search. This must surely have an effect on how consumers perceive those websites that rank prominently in organic SERPS.

Google Algorithm

We asked consumers to choose from a list possible ranking factors they believed were most likely to affect organic search results. Although 'Relevance' came in as the top answer, it was closely followed by 'popularity' and 'Click Through Rate. Only 18% of responses considered backlinks to play any part in organic search results.

Importance Of Ranking

In Serps We asked consumers how they feel about those websites ranking in the top positions of organic SERPs, it was no surprise that high ranking sites received more clicks, but along with those clicks comes an assumption that the site is also trustworthy.

Google Adwords

We asked consumers how they feel about PPC ads that run alongside and above the organic results. For most, PPC ads were viewed more negatively than organic search results; some claiming never to click on paid search listings.


We asked consumer how they feel about Google personalizing their search results. Most were unaware that they see are not the same for every Google user.

Influence Of Social Media On Search

Despite the rising trend of social media impacting SERPs, the public were much less favorable towards social data affecting the search results they see on Google.

Infographic: Google search and SEO


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