The Basics Of Local SEO For Businesses

Image: The Basics Of Local SEO For Businesses
Take a look at the infographic that illustrates the basics of local search engine optimization for businesses.

Local SEO Ranking Factors

Physical Address In City Of Search

Is the address associated with a business Google+ Local page located within the city being search for or the city the user is searching in? If there is no geographic location specified, but there is local intent, Google will often limit Google+ local listings displayed to those within the proximity of the user.

Accurate Category Associations

Do the categories with the Google+ local page accurately describe the business associated with the Google+ Local page? Custom categories may be useful if the business provides niche products or services that users commonly search for by name.

Proximity Or Address To Centroid

How close is the business' location to the center of the city (the centroid) as determined by Google? Such determination can be based upon the population center or based upon the business center of the city.

Domain Authority Of Website

How relevant and authoritative is the domain of the website associated with the Google+ Local page user's search query?

Quantity Of Structured Citations

How many internet directories, i.e, phone directories or niche directories, is the business listed in? Google uses these listings as "citations" which are likely treated like unto references validating the existence of the business' at physical location.

City & State In Landing Page

Title Is the name of the city and state in which the business is located in the title of the page on the business' website associated with the Google+ Local page?

Quantity Of Google+ Local Reviews

How many reviews are associated with the business on the Google+ Local page? How many those reviews were submitted via Google+ Local? How many reviews were submitted via other platforms. e.g. yelp. Some experts postulate the reviews submitted via Google+ Local are given more weight.

Area Code On Google+ Local Page

Is the area code associated with the locale the user is searching for, or searching in, present on the Google+ Local page.

NAP Consistency

How consistent are the name, address, and phone number (NAP) citations with the NAP citations of the business as listed on the Google+ Local page?

infographic: The Basics Of Local SEO For Businesses



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