Small Business Start-up Guide to Social Media Presence

Image: Small Business Start-up Guide to Social Media Presence

There's a lot to consider on social media, from an online presence to separating professional or personal profiles to knowing what to share. Small businesses may think it a hurdle to devote time to manage content on social media. But with the strategic business plan, marketers can successfully handle a social media presence.

Of the countless social networking sites, which one is best for your business? Let's take a look at the following five monsters that are taking charge of social media and reshaping the business world.

Tips for Business to getting started in Social Media

Goal - Increase your chances of success by defining your goals. Try aiming for a 20% to 30% increase in social interaction.

Measure - Measure posts success by using services like Google Analytics and Facebook insights to track account success through metrics. Sites like Google Trends will allow you to identify which of your post topics are currently performing best online.

Converse - Reward those who follow you favorably by following them back to show that you are interested in your users on a deeper level. Share your industry related content, ask questions and respond to feedback.

Verify - Legitimize your profile by verifying or claiming it. This will show that you're in control of your social media presence.

Simplicity - Keep text posts brief and focus on visuals. Posts with images and videos have been known to increase engagement by 180%.

Cross Promotes - Each network's audience can react differently to a post. To increase chances of successful trending, repurpose your posts. Share YouTube videos on Facebook, and re-tweet Facebook statuses on Twitter.

Manage - Taking the time to update your newly established social media presence can be time consuming. Invest in an aggregator all like Hootsuite that allows you to manage and schedule posts over multiple social media platform.
A Guide For People Who Don't Have All Day To Post Stuff On Social Media.

Infographic: Small Business Start-up Guide to Social Media Presence

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