Does Social Media Overtake SEO?

image: Does Social Media overtake SEO?, SEO vs Social media marketing
You would have heard an idea that SEO is dead or dying. Even typing “SEO is” in Google shows SEO is dead, dying, joke and more and as well few weeks ago in "theguardian", SEO has been described as “flawed concept” which is now dying. If this is the case, what is the result of SEO?

Today, most of the businesses concentrate on social media’s rather than search engine optimization. Let’s go broad; SEO is the one which now concentrate more on optimizing the website, content and performing off page techniques and mow most of the SEO services tend to follow the tactics of digital marketing. Because of being social, most of the traditional marketing tactics and PR are going down. It doesn’t mean SEO is dead, it indicates that social media’s are going up. Obviously, the growth of internet has limited the traffic blown to the website as the access of net has been diversified through various devices and as well most of the social discoveries are through mobile.

Social media grabbed customer’s attention

The experts whoever works in digital marketing field would have known that social media had already grabbed the attention of people all over the world. It had almost transformed all types of advertisement. The use of social media all around the world has been increased to a frantic pace. Almost 67% of the Internet users prefer social networking sites when compared to other ordinary websites as social media sites are often considered as trusted source, consistent, entertaining and informative.

Issues regarding SEO

For the past few years, SEO has been considered as a worst thing as most of the search engine analysts are being the black hatters and are effectively spamming the Internet. But the internet is growing smarter and makes the search engine to get rid from spam links and poor content. This indicates that SEO experts can do their work even more professional with less faulty works. Even today, most of the SEO firms are going behind social presence instead of SEO.

Social traffic to brand a product

Martin Macdonald in Expedia Affiliate Network has stated that social traffic works excellently in product discovery but it doesn’t target the people about what they want to purchase. Yes of course, it seems to be a true one.

It’s the one which balance the relationship between companies and customers. It easily makes your business website to follow and engage with regulars, help to keep track of social relationships, generate brand awareness if the content is appealing, help in getting the positive or negative feedback directly from the customers and as well help in knowing the interest of customers.

I hope, this would have clearly indicated you that SEO isn’t dead, it’s just overtaken by Social networking sites. But just keep this in mind, it can partakes most of the contribution however it doesn’t takes the whole part in making the website to be available on the top of the search engine.
Also see this infographic called social vs search.

image: Does Social Media overtake SEO?, SEO vs Social media marketing

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  1. Dave Trautman, a real person who knows how to writeAugust 29, 2013 at 10:22 PM

    This has to be some of the poorest writing I have ever read on the internet. Patently illogical, grammar flaws in nearly every sentence, awful punctuation, and obviously meant to promote one idea and not present any reasoning whatsoever. No facts, just conjecture. No actual quotes or references, nothing to corroborate and certainly the citation for the infographic included is the only saving grace to keep it from being outright plaigerism.

    The stock photo of the fake *guest* author is not fooling anyone.

    What a lame effort.

    All through the article the concept of SEO is misrepresented and the notion of social media is poorly understood. But this is consistent with the UX of the entire web site which is hosting this fake article.

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