Teens Vs Adults: Who Use Which Social Network Most [infographic]

Teens Vs Adults Who Use Which Social Network Most [infographic]

The pew research center recently released a study about how adults use social media, which made us wonder how teens and adults stack up when it comes to social media use. teenagers today grew up in a digital world, so it is no surprise that they are pretty savvy when it comes to all things online and technology. Surprisingly, though when it comes to early adoption of newer social mediums like Pinterest and Instagram, adults seem to have teens beat, if only slightly. Here's a breakdown of how both teens and adults use social media including over all social media usage.
Age break down of social media users: 2013 infographic
infographic, Teens Vs Adults Who Use Which Social Network Most, Age break down of social media users infographic
As this infographic reveals 67% of adults, and 94 percent of teens actively use Facebook. Teens seem to determine the traditional social networks like Facebook and Twitter, while adults use instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest more than teens.

infographic by: http://www.nextadvisor.com/blog
image credit: How Adults and Teens of different ages use Social Media Differently


  1. Sweet info graphic ... interesting to see that more adults use instagram than teens???

  2. I was equally surprised to see that adults use instagram, tumblr and especially pinterest more than teens. Good to know!

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