Blogging As A Side Gig: Why Worth Considering?

Image: Blogging As A Side Gig: Why Worth Considering?

As a “side gig” there are worse things you could do. It really depends upon your situation and what you hope to get from blogging. As you will see by the list below, if you are looking to learn something, are in education, are promoting a website or looking to better yourself, then blogging may be a nice and/or productive hobby.

Revise your current studies

Writing about what you are studying is going to help you to recall it later on. It is sometimes difficult to simply read your textbooks, as often it is tedious and we all have a tendency to speed read and not absorb the information. When you write it down then you force your brain to comprehend what you are writing. With that being the case, it seems silly to write it all down and then keep it on file forever. You may as well upload it as a blog post. You may then review your blog posts when you want to revise.

Make a learning log to show what you have learned

In school, college or university, you are going to be taught different things every week. You can make a log of what you have learned by creating a summary blog post every week. This will help to solidify the information in your mind, and will help to show people that you actually learned the material when you were doing your education. This may then be shown to future employers to show that you are not one of those people who hold a degree whilst knowing very little about it.

Make affiliate advert money

This is something that is going to make you a bit of money, but you can never live on it. As a “side gig” it is not a terrible option. It is probably better than running a blog with no benefits whatsoever. It is not enough of an incentive to actually start blogging, but there are worse things you could do as a “Side gig.”

Promote items on it

If you are willing to install affiliate advertising, then there is little stopping you from promoting your own goods. You may have a store on Amazon or eBay that you would like to sell things via. Instead of installing affiliate advertising onto your blog, you simply advertise the products that you sell in your shop. If you have an eCommerce website, then there is no excuse for not installing affiliate ads onto your blog.

Write reviews to promote items

You may do this in order to help sell your own items, or you may take payment from other people and write it on their behalf. There are also some websites out there that will pay you to add a review to your blog, but be wary of the fact that many of them are not legitimate and are just looking for a way to rip off bloggers.

Help to further prove that you are an expert

Saying that you are an expert is not going to buy you much credibility, but actually writing thought-out and knowledgeable blog posts will help to prove that you know what you are talking/writing about. If your blog posts are not very knowledgeable or there are mistakes, then you will lose all credibility, but if your blog posts are good then you may actually install yourself as an online expert or guru. How you are judged will not depend entirely on your blog, but it will help you add a little more credibility.

Use its links to rank up your own website

Getting backlinks to your website is going to help rank it up through the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Backlinks from your blog are good for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and you may leverage this by adding a link from your blog to your website every week. Do not link to the home page every week. Try to link to different pages every week. Nevertheless, you will find that adding links that point to your website will make the website more search engine friendly.

It helps to make you a better writer

You may wish to learn how to type faster, or learn how to touch type. However, the learning programs and their exercises are boring and lackluster. A nice way of improving your writing speed is to practice by writing blog posts every week. Each week you will slowly become a faster writer, and you will find that you become better at putting sentences together. If you are also learning about sentence syntax and sentence logic then you are going be able to practice with your blog posts.

Use it as an online journal

We as humans have a certain recollection bias. We remember events based upon the ones that followed them. For example, people in France had no idea of the power of the Nazi regime, and yet in hindsight it seems blatantly obvious. French newspapers at the time hardly even mentioned the Nazi regime and most considered it to be a passing phase.

The newspapers of that time are very valuable because they show what people really thought during those troubled times. Your online journal could do the same thing, where you may look back and see how foolish or clever you were as you look back to your thoughts prior to whatever happens in your personal history.

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