Saturday, November 23, 2013

How To Make Money Online [6 #infographics]

Here are all the different ways to make money on the web, with advice on which ones are right for you.

First we look at this handy chart named - how to make money the startup way - created by fundersandfounders outlines the way an entrepreneur goes from finding an idea to initial public offering.
The Formula Startups Use to Make Billions (Infographic)

2nd infographic:

[FLOWCHART] How to Monetize Your Website

How to Monetize Your blog

From video to social media marketing and from graphics design to writing stories this infographic shows 200 easy online money making ideas your should read.
infographic - 200 easy online money making ideas -Scam Free Ways To Make Money Online, How to earn money online
courtesy of surveyspencer

This well brainstormed infographic explaining how to make money on the internet from the scratch.
Scam Free Ways To Make Money Online, How to earn money online how to make money on the internet from the scratch.
developed by Doogiehorner

This funny visual illustrates some offline and online creative ways to make money for students and teenagers.
offline and online creative ways to make money for students.
Need money - Freshman Jobs: Tips to Earn and Save Much Money Cash - designed by studentloannetwork

This infographic illustrating 10 Scam Free Ways to Make Money Online
10 Scam Free Ways to Make Money Online - infographic
visual created by

Above visual's transcript

Become a Freelance Article Writer

If you have a passion for writing, then write an article and submit it to article directories like, And attract your potential clients include website owners, marketers, and small sized enterprises.

Make Money with eBay

Jim Griffith, head of eBay University stated many people can now fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams without needing a significant amount of money for initial start up and maintenance fees. Start by selling your own extra stuff or other items and get 23-30% of the gross sale. Your customers will be happy to get cash for their old junk, and you'll make some good money selling other people's stuff.

Paid to Review

Set up a website or a blog and start reviewing products or services. Website owners and bloggers will pay you to post a review of their site on your blog. It helps them get the word out and helps you make money.

Write Articles on

If you are familiar with the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and keyword research, then making money is very easy for you on eHow. This site pays you a percentage of the ad revenue means you will get paid for each article you have written.

Play Games (game money)

On the game site like Swagbucks, Second life, you can make virtual money, which can be exchanged for real money. You get paid to play games.

Surveys and Questionnaires

There are a number of legitimate websites where you can get paid on survey. E.g,

Affiliate Marketing

You sell other people's stuff for a commission by diverting your blog readers and visitors to them. There are thousands of digital products available like e-books and short reports to promote on sites like ClickBank, CJ(Commission Junction) and PayDotCom.

Help Local Business Owners Develop an Online Store and Presence

The modern idea of selling online becoming more popular day by day. Local businesses have websites, but aren't getting any results from them.While some don't have even a website for their business promotion. You can learn about SEO, social media marketing and how to set up an email list, and then implement these for local businesses, on sites like,,

Make Video Tutorials

People always looking for information on the internet, if you have any creative idea, tutorials, or any other thing you are passionate about, try to capture your interesting stuff, knowledge and talent in video-tutorials, upload them to YouTube and apply for YouTube Partner Program to earn money with your videos.

Independent Websites or Blog

An online service/business with a well executed website or blog design and development plan can increase search engine optimization (SEO) and draw the attention of the largest numbers of internet users and potential customers possible.

Third-Party Platforms

Sites like,, and more can facilitate online sales for sellers by providing online space and a strong internet presence with a large number of viewers and users.

Buying and Selling Websites and Domains

This concept can be likened to purchasing an undervalued or damaged homes, fixing it up and selling it for a profit. Domain flippers take underutilized a poorly maintained domain names that are old or unused and fix them up and make them more attractive to sell to other webmasters. is the best and secure one.

Important: Before you join any MLM program or any website or any income system on the internet, do enough research and check the credibility of the site with the help of,,,