How Unique Trade Show Designs are a Great Asset for Start-Up Companies

How Unique Trade Show Designs are a Great Asset for Start-Up Companies and small businesses : image

Startups need to stretch every dollar to the max, and return on investment is critically important. Every asset must be carefully selected for the maximum benefit. During those first few years in business, generating brand awareness is a top priority. A unique trade show display is a wise investment that can serve your enterprise for many years, creating an engaging experience for attendees and generating more leads for your company with every trade show event.

Trade Shows Increase Your Exposure

In the early stages of business, you need to get your name out there as much as possible. Whether you’re selling products or services, marketing is essential to get the business flowing. Trade shows have been around a long time, but they’re still a valuable marketing tactic for businesses who want to network within their industries and generate leads.

Trade shows are valuable for competitive analysis and even making connections with larger companies or other enterprises which can supplement your offerings or distribute your products. Attendees come to trade shows for similar reasons — or because they’re ready to make a purchase and want to evaluate their options. People attending a home builders’ show, for instance, are likely looking to remodel or build their own home within a few years. Or they could be contractors looking for vendors and suppliers of siding, windows, HVAC, tools and other products they need on the job, making them desirable prospects for vendors.

Today’s trade shows demand more than the old standby of a few brochures laid out on a table. Attendees are used to seeing the same-old, same-old, and they’re likely to pass boring booths by without a second glance. Consumers today have been conditioned to tune-out obvious advertisements, and the same is true for trade shows — you must stand out and make an impression to get noticed.
It makes sense for start-ups to make an investment in a trade show display that will consistently stand out from the crowd. The more people you lead to your booth, the more opportunities you have to generate a warm lead and make sales.

Trade Show Displays Can Be Used Over and Over

Many marketing investments are a one-shot deal, while some have longer-lasting benefits. A trade show display can serve you for several years or more, much like investing in a sleek, modern website that provides your company with a compelling digital presence. Trade show displays come in a multitude of forms and elements, many of which can be combined and mixed up for different display areas and audiences.
Some display elements, such as pop-up displays, are compact enough for travel — even if you’re going by air. But these compact displays expand to a large, professional and worthy presence on the trade show floor, creating an impressive backdrop for your table, workstation or other trade show elements. Likewise, portable tables can be easily transported for use in a variety of settings and combined with options such as tabletop displays for maximum convenience and a modern, streamlined look.

The better your display looks, the more likely attendees are to get the impression that your company has staying power. Today’s consumers want to do business with reputable companies that can provide top-of-the-services and products, and a unique trade show display demonstrates that you’re serious about staying in the game.

Benefits of Exhibiting at Trade Shows

There are dozens of benefits of being an exhibitor at trade shows, especially for startups.
  • A targeted audience
  • Face-to-face contact with prospects.
  • Ability to overcome buyers’ objections
  • Monitor and evaluate your competitors
  • Opportunities to engage and interact with the media
  • Demonstrate your products of offer more robust experiences of your services
  • Immediate reactions and feedback on your marketing materials and presentation
  • Market research opportunities
  • Deliver presentations and seminars to a targeted audience
  • Generate warm leads
  • Put a fingertip on upcoming industry trends
If you could obtain all these benefits from a single investment, would you consider it worthwhile? That’s why most startups choose to invest in a quality, innovative trade show display to get the most out of each trade show experience.

If you take good care of your exhibit elements, most will last you through your brand identity — until you make a major branding decision such as changing your company logo or profile. With the many versatile display options available today, startups can choose from a variety of products to create a totally unique and modern representation of their companies. Trade show display options include:
  • Custom booth flooring for a distinct and professional look
  • Video and monitor displays for increased engagement
  • Kiosks and workstations for one-on-one discussions or interactivity
  • Literature stands and brochure racks to ditch the old, fanned table appearance
  • Hanging displays to stand out from the crowd in a large trade show space
  • Pop-up displays and portable tables for convenient travel
  • Banner stands for a formidable presence
  • Truss displays for maximum versatility
With the wide variety of options available, there’s no excuse to not have a unique and versatile trade show display that can grow and evolve with your company. Even if you’re not willing to make the full investment in purchasing a proprietary display, many organizations offer display rentals — even with custom graphics — that you can take advantage of if you’re just testing out the value of trade shows as a marketing tactic.
Startups that make wise investments to enhance their brand image enhance their staying power and build the foundation for a successful enterprise for years to come. Don’t get stuck using the old strategy of laying out a few brochures on a flat table; maximize your trade show investment — maximize it with a unique, innovative trade show display that can be utilized over and over to put your best face forward for your business.

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