10 Tips To Boost Your Site Content With SEO

10 Tips To Boost Your Site Content With SEO : image

This infographic-post is highlighting the best practices on SEO to boost your on-site content.

1) Adopt the tone and language of your target audience. Keep your content clear and easy to understand and your users will enjoy their experience.

2) Answer your frequently asked questions (FAQ) in a dedicated section of your website. The more in-depth the answer, the more useful the content - and the more Google will recognize your site as an authority in your find.

3) Show off your skills. "how-to" guides are among the most popular forms of content on the net. Have a go at some yourself. For example, a florist could show how to arrange a bouquet or a dentist could show how to clean teeth properly.

4) Use images and videos. It's better for SEO if you reduce the resolution of your image to make the file smaller before uploading. The average user watches 16 minutes and 49 seconds of online videos a month.

5) Tell customers what to expect the first time they use your service. New visitors hitting your site need to know everything you're good at-so, tell them with well-written content. 42% of all searches click on the top-ranked result.

6) Create lists to inform and entertain at the same time. "Best of" lists work well and are very easy to share via social media - and your followers can have fun with the tips you provide.

7) Something great happened in your company? Shout about it then. You can always comment on trending news topics that relate to your industry sector too.

8) Shift your content with the seasons. The climate and time of year affects us all - if your content reflects seasonal change, users are more likely to engage. 70% of the links search users click on are organic.

9) We love case studies. By showcasing your company's very best work, result and reviews, more people will get a grasp of "how well you do it".

10) Your customers want to know everything they can about what you're offering, so tell them all about it. Give them the opportunity to leave reviews too and start interacting online.

10 Tips To Boost Your Site Content With SEO

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