Top Essential Landing Page Features

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Your landing page is where your customer should end up after following an email link, online advert, promotional link URL or a search result link. It's your first chance to convince and motivate users into following the purchasing process.

Avoid The Following

  • Using the homepage as the landing page.
  • poorly written, spammy headlines.
  • Cheap and tacky looking graphics.
  • No 'call to actions' on the landing page


Things You Should DO

Always make sure that you test out elements on your landing page.
  • Not having a proper testing plan.
  • Failing to set up success criteria.
  • Attempting too many tests at once.
  • Failing to consistently monitor testing results.
  • Taking sides with an opinion.
  • Plan thoroughly.
  • Identify elements to test.
  • Identify target conversion rates.
  • Follow traffic.
  • Try A/B split or multi variate testing.
  • Create test variable.

Things You Should Avoid

Identify What testing Method To use

Multivariate Testing. Test specific elements within a single page. Great for high volume traffic sites.

A/B Split Testing

Compare two separate sites equally by separating traffic.

Friendly forms

The way your form is structured can make a huge impact on the conversion rate. Only request relevant information, minimizing the fields will boost completion.

Top Essential Landing Page Features : infographic

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