The Community Effect: How an Engaging Community can Transform Companies and Increase Customer Relationship

The Community Effect: How an Engaging Community can Transform Companies and Increase Customer Relationship : image
Smart companies are catching on the fact that the internet has changed the way they interact with customers. They need to be in constant dialogue with their audience to stay competitive, provide great support, and earn the kind of loyalty that makes customers tell their friends. Setting up a customer community is the first step towards becoming a customer-centric company, and it means giving your customers a sear at the executive table.
Move on to know how an engaging community can transform companies and increase customer relationship.

Content Is Key

Community content is user-generated and search engine-friendly, which exposes potential customers to the conversation around your brand, products, and services. This content then becomes a resource for other customers and prospects as they make purchase decisions. Why community content is so valuable? because it's written by real people in the conversational language. And other community members will evaluate, rate, and add value to the conversation. It's very SEO-friendly will naturally show up high in organic search results.

Breaking Down The Business Silos

Communities deepen and strengthen customer relationships by driving organizational shifts that unite the company around the voice of the customer. Communities expand the customer's role, as many are eager to provide organizations with immediate social support, product feedback, give ideas and makes trustworthy marketing content. Community also improves self-service support, as more than 40% of customers resolve their issues in an online community. Good community is a key way to differentiate yourself as a leader in customer experience.

Find Your Community Champions

In many instances, loyal and active customers will emerge as leaders in the community. Smart companies not only recognize these customers but also make them "champions" by giving them limited moderator capabilities to help with community maintenance.

Making The Most Of Your Community

Your online customer relationship help your community to make an impression of wide variety of performance metrics tied to the lifetime value of a customer, which can increase if you follow the 7 major points.

Stay Aware Of where Your Customers Are In Their Life-cycles

Use community profile data to know what your community member's intentions are. Are they existing customers looking for help, or are they prospects looking for reasons to buy?

Give Customers What They Need At Each Stage

Tag community content so you can display the right content in the right context to help them get value.

Act Proactively

Address concerns, capitalize on opportunities, and solve your customer's problem before they even need to reach out. You'll build credibility for being a customer-centric brand.

Increase The Value Of Each Customer 

Monitor customer's behavior in the community for buying signals and give them ways to buy or learn more at just the right time.

Improve Customer Lifetime Value

Customers who engage in the community are more likely to become loyal customers who buy more over time.

Offer Advanced Engagement Opportunities

Use tools in your community to provide additional engagement opportunities, such as product advisory groups or private beta testing.

Decrease Costs

Lower costs by promoting peer-to-peer support and enabling partners to answer customer questions.

The community is transforming companies and changing customer relationships. Increase your customer lifetime value and build long-lasting relationships by engaging your customers in your community.

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