What You Should Know About Content Marketing

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What is content marketing? Creating and distributing of relevant and quality content to potential customers to influence purchasing decisions and improve brand loyalty. Good content draws in the people you want to attract.

What Makes GOOD Content? 

  1. Content should be Original and Unique. 
  2. Free of Errors.
  3. Interesting and Sharable. 
  4. In-Depth and Insightful.
  5. Targeted and Accurate.
  6. Tracked and Monitored.


Traffic Generation

Most customers prefer to know a company through their content rather than ads.

Social Media Engagement

Most companies  are using content to reach a large portion of their customers on Facebook and Twitter.

Immediate Conversation Events

Most companies say that posting content on social media has increased marketing effectiveness.

Influence And Authority Building

Creation of interesting content is one of the top 3 reasons why people follow brands on social media.


Content Marketing Is A Fad

Brands are quickly hopping onto his bandwagon but the ride is a long one. Most metric-driven marketing strategies actually require content and high quality content will continue to be in high demand.

You Need A Storehouse Of Content To Get Started

Having NO content reduces your brand's credibility and sacrifices its place in the minds of buyers. Offer what you have and build momentum from there.

Content Produces Immediate ROI

The true value of content marketing lies in the loyal customers it can create. This doesn't happen overnight so brands would need to be patient.

infographic by: edgemedia.com.sg/infographics/contentmarketing.html
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