How To Improve Your Facebook-Page Following

Recently I shared how your Facebook page should look like and in the same reference my today's post is about Facebook marketing tips that every Facebook fan page-owner should know to enhance their popularity.

Go on liking spree!

Like all the other pages offer content similar to yours. Not only this helps you reach your relevant audience but you also get to learn from what your contemporaries are doing right.

Spam intelligently!

Spam but be really genuine about it. How? Post as your page on relevant posts strike up conversations, leave links and oh, having a really intriguing name helps!

Use the tag feature!

Tagging is a great way to reach a greater mainly friends of your friends! But be cautious, don't abuse it. Tag intermittently and only those who you fell will like your post! Focus on spreading good and quality content, don't spam.

Learn from insights!

You page insights are great source of information as to how you're doing. use them. See what actions of you, are doing well, and then do more and more of them. Similarly, discard what is not working for you.

Watch the news!

No seriously. People are lazy. But at the same time they want to be part of what's in the news. And more often than not, they rely on others for the content. Here's where you come in - by providing them interesting content they can share.

Interact with your audience!

People, especially your fans like to be felt special. Always reply to comments, ask questions, give your opinion, encourage interaction. It really makes a difference.

Work on the aesthetics and visualization!

Pictures are worth a 1000 words, especially when it comes to Facebook pages. having a cover pic that explains your page in a nutshell really helps in converting the first timers. Also, a great platform for - like gating and announcing stuff like contests.

Connect with other pages owners!

Social networking is nothing of you don't build your network. Collaborate with other page owners to promote your content and vice versa. Of course if the page has a huge fan following, you'll be in for a pleasant surprise.

Work hard on your content!

Lastly, all said and done - your content is the king! Be original, it adds to your value proposition. Don't put stuff for the sake of it. Self filter your posts, don't post too much. And yet don't post too little. And finally, be patient.

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