10 Tips And Tricks For Your Smartphone's Battery Life And Data Usage

The amount of data used by the average Smartphone user growing rapidly, especially consumers with Android and Apple Smartphones use significantly more data than consumers using other operating systems. Below we break down the amount of users who say they perform the following battery-draining tasks. And some useful tips.

Searching for a signal

Leaving your wi-fi signal on will lower your data charges, but will also drain your battery. Use Wi-Fi when you are performing larger online tasks. Turning on airplane mode is a good solution even when you aren't flying.

Dim brightness 

Manually lower your Smartphone's screen brightness. This will save an enormous amount of juice. Another option is to have it automatically dim or set your screen to only sit idle for a short period of time before going to sleep.


If the Bluetooth function on your device is not being used for a wireless headset, turn it off to conserve battery life.

Syncing applications

Apps that use push technology, such as email, drain the battery if they are constantly syncing every 15 minutes. Set it up to synchronize manually or less frequently.

Location, location, location

Location based apps will constantly be looking to pinpoint where you are. Shut down the app or turn off location tracking in the application's settings.

Screen timeout

Try to learn completely your Smartphone's settings, find out "Screen Timeout" in your phone/display settings. This option controls how long your mobile's screen stays alight after receiving input, such as a tap or after any key, keep timeout setting to the shortest available time.

Turn off nonessential notifications

Many apps can light up your screen and display a message or make your LED blink. Turning off nonessential modifications will help your battery last a little longer.

Data-hogging apps

Your GPS is one of the biggest data hogs out there and many apps, such as Twitter, use location services. Turn this function off on all apps you don't frequently use.


Charge your phone frequently. When you wait until it's almost dead, it makes the battery do more work. Keep a pocket emergency charger but don't over charge your mobile.

Vibrates vs. ringtone

Whenever you can, set your phone to ring instead of vibrate. Vibrating uses more battery power.

So these are the best ways to enhance your battery life and timing. See below infographic on how data-hungry Smartphone users drain their batteries.

Source : Blog.lookout.com/blog/2012/03/02/battery-life-infographic
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