12 Tips To Improve Your Performance Instantly

There are various ways to increase the productivity and body performance on the job every day. Here we read some effective tips to increase our productivity.

Set productivity targets - Every morning upon waking up, set goal and schedules throughout the day that can accomplished. Stick to these targets and see your productivity increase.

Create a productive space - Do you constantly have distractions when trying to work? Try eliminating these to increase your productivity.

Organized your personal space - Being unorganized will often lead to you feeling sluggish and unproductive. Try cleaning your personal space and making note of where everything is. While this might save minutes, it will save a lot of hassle in the long run.

Work on the small tasks - If you find yourself in a rut, overcome it by starting small. By doing the small tasks first you help yourself create positive momentum into completing more difficult challenges.

Upgrade yourself - Find time for yourself to read a motivational book or to attend a conference or follow big websites/blogs. Always be looking to improve yourself first.

Take a break - At least once per hour get up from your desk/computer and take a walk around the office. Visit a coworker or go to the washroom. Give your mind some time to air itself out.

Forget perfection - If you are in a rut the last thing you need on your minds is the added stress of being perfect. Must compete - start small, do what you can at your own pace.

Take a nap - If you are at home take a 20-30 minute nap to give your mind a quick boost.

Talk to a friend - Perhaps the best source of inspiration and creativity is talking with a best buddy. This short encounter can help rejuvenate overall productivity and work flow.

Go exercise - Sometimes we work so much that forget our physical health is just as important as mental. Go for a jog, simple workout, or a run. This will help increase mental health.
Complement more - Complain less. By doing this you will be creating more positive energy and eliminating the negative.

Celebrate - No matter how deep of a rut you may be in, always remember to celebrate what matters most: yourself. Just smile.

Source : Noomii.com/blog/3604-12-rut-busting-tips
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