How Do You Survive An Earthquake?

Earthquake is one of the most difficult disaster of nature to understand and handle it can happen anywhere or at anytime. And surviving during an earthquake is indeed a very difficult situation. With the help of controversial "Triangle of life" Theory or the Red Cross approved "Drop and Cover" situation one can increase the survival chances. Read Earthquake safety tips.

Controversial theory "Triangle of life" by Doug Copp - Rescue Expert which teaches that - objects like sofas, bed, desks and other furniture get crushed or become compressed when a building or roof collapses. But next to them is a "void" (often in a triangular shape) which is safe place in which to seek cover, ideally in the fetal position.
Outside - If you are outside of the building then you should run away from the building into the middle of the street. Get near the outer walls of buildings or outside of them if possible
In a multi-story building lay down in a fetal position (as shown in below infographic) next to a bed, sofa or large bulky object.
On the road pull your car to the side of the road. Do not stop under an overpass or something that can fall on your car. On the road pull your car to the side of the road. If you have awakened in bed, protect your head and body with a pillow, hold on, don't be panic and stay there.

Drop and Cover - Also called "Drop, Cover and Hold On!" or "Duck and Cover" this is considered the safest method of earthquake survival strategy according to most experts, including the Red Cross and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).
Indoors - Drop to the floor cover your head and neck, take cover under a sturdy desk or table hold on to it firmly.
If you are in high-rise - hold on, never think to use elevators drop and cover. Avoid windows and other hazards.
Move to a ground or clear area if you are sure that you can safely do so. Avoid buildings vehicles, sign boards and other hazards. Never try to move during shaking cause this puts you at risk.

See the infographic for the best safest places and the deadliest places where most people survive or die, according to the "Triangle of Life" theory.

How Do You Survive An Earthquake? Infographic on earthquake safety tips
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