How Your Facebook Page Should Look Like

An excerpt from a longer article that summarizes how to update your business or website Facebook Page in 15 Minutes.

Cover - Use this space for your logo. You have 851px by 315px of space. Make it clean and creative.

Timeline Apps - You can have up to four boxes or tabs here to market your brand. We used to quickly build one free tab to explain what we do.

About Us - Update this space to include a link to your website with a call-to-action.

Be Visual - Facebook Timeline caters more toward visual posts. Instead of text, include more pictures or videos to engage your followers.

Pin It - Pin important posts to the top of your wall for up to 7 days. Great for temporary deals and call-to-actions.

4 Best Easy To Use Facebook Fan Page Applications

  1. Make Coupon for your Facebook Fan Pages -
  2. Share any file with your customers/visitors
  3. Live-chat tab for online customer support or just for fun
  4. Add static HTML, YouTube channel or videos, Twitter tweets and many more applications to make a customized Facebook page tab
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