101 Reasons Blocking You From Getting The Job: Interviews Fun

Finding a job can be difficult, let alone finding a job you really want. If you've been trying unsuccessfully to get one there may be a few things blocking your way. Finding out the problem can be hard work so if you're stumped for reasons don't worry we've managed to think up lol of them.
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Infographic : 101 Reasons Blocking You From Getting The Job: Interviews Fun
Source : http://www.essentialpersonnel.co.uk/blog.php?id=43
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  1. You haven't got the qualifications for the role.
  2. Turning up to interviews drunk.
  3. Turning up to the interviews too late.
  4. You turned up way too early.
  5. Not turning up to the interview at all.
  6. Not doing any pre interview research.
  7. Turning up to interviews with friends.
  8. Your first words are how much is the salary.
  9. When asked about start date your reply, after my next prison stretch.
  10. You haven't applied for any jobs.
  11. You have got the wrong telephone number on your CV.
  12. You talk more than listen.
  13. You've exaggerated your abilities to get the interview.
  14. You forget you had an interview.
  15. You look sleepy in the interview.
  16. You look Bored in the interview.
  17. You have terrible references.
  18. Nobody is willing to give you a reference.
  19. You've left every job you ever had on bad terms.
  20. Leaving before the interview is completed.
  21. Having a fight with the interviewer.
  22. Forgetting your P's and Q's (manners, language and behavior).
  23. You are overly nervous in the interview.
  24. You want far too much money.
  25. You already have a full time job.
  26. You have extremely poor hygiene.
  27. You've used too much aftershave or perfume.
  28. You try to flirt your way through the interview without actually answering any questions.
  29. You let it slip you don't actually want the job.
  30. You come across as too much competition to the interview.
  31. You haven't got the experience for the role.
  32. You are very very unlucky.
  33. Your answers were over-rehearsed and you sounded robotic.
  34. You got the interview questions wrong.
  35. You express an extreme political opinion.
  36. You're overhead on the phone after the interview saying what an idiot the interviewer was.
  37. You just want any job not his specific job, and you let that come across.
  38. You are over confident/cocky.
  39. You asked the interviewer how much he/she earns.
  40. UhGgUhh you have an unprofessional email address - bottomtrumpet@yahoo.com.
  41. One of the candidates genuinely was more qualified than you.
  42. Poor spellings in your CV/Resume.
  43. The interviewer is worried about how far away from the job you alive.
  44. The interviewer didn't think you would stay with the organization.
  45. You've described yourself in an off-putting way in your profile on your CV.
  46. Your application got lost in the post.
  47. The interviewer is an ex who you're had bad break up with.
  48. You have not followed up your interview with a call or an email.
  49. You have a poor excuse for leaving your old company.
  50. You're over qualified for the job.
  51. You haven't asked any question in the interview.
  52. You don't have a home address.
  53. You haven't got a degree.
  54. Everything you've said in your conversation has been negative.
  55. You've turned up to your interview with your pet.
  56. You've worked for every employer in town.
  57. You're not trying hard enough to get a job.
  58. The interviewer is holding on to the job for a friend.
  59. The interviewer thinks they've seen you on crime watch.
  60. You support the wrong football team.
  61. You are very very ugly.
  62. You are very very beautiful.
  63. You've previously been sacked from the same company.
  64. The vacancy has been filled by internally.
  65. The interviewer has an interview target to meet.
  66. You asked the interviewer when her baby was due, she wasn't pregnant.
  67. Work hours fall outside of the curfew for your electronic tag.
  68. You live too far away from the job place.
  69. Your partner already works for the firm.
  70. Your partner is in the interviewer team.
  71. You are argumentative in the interview.
  72. You're not available when they need you.
  73. You come across desperate.
  74. People think you're weird.
  75. You can't maintain 'eye-to-eye' contact with the interviewer.
  76. The job is a complete change in career direction.
  77. The role no longer exists.
  78. You subconsciously don't actually want to get a job.
  79. You have tattoos or piercings on your face.
  80. You turned the job offer down.
  81. They've seen some of your fruity Facebook pics.
  82. You always apply for the wrong types of job.
  83. You say all the right things but they're not confident you can actually deliver.
  84. They don't actually have a good reason why you didn't get the job.
  85. You're actual perfect for the job but your CV is so poorly formatted they can't tell/explain.
  86. You don't have the legal right to work in the US/country you're applying.
  87. They were flooded with CV's and yours got lost in the haze.
  88. Your CV and what you say don't really match up.
  89. You have unexplained absence on your Resume.
  90. They found somebody else who will do the job for half the salary.
  91. You cover letters are terrible, too generic and too short.
  92. The person that interviewed isn't the actual decision maker so your brilliant interview get lost in translation.
  93. You came across as a gossip.
  94. You didn't make yourself stand out from the crowd, and they forget about you.
  95. You smell strongly of cigarettes.
  96. You were instructed to bring certain item (like original documents) to the interview but you didn't.
  97. You might cause a personality clash with the current work force.
  98. You bad mouthed your former manager of former colleagues.
  99. The job never existed in the first place.
  100. You don't seem like a team player.
  101. You don't seem passionate about what you do.


  1. You should have a respectable and good degree under your belt. Always be professional, Remember you are not applying for friends, You are their to work.

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