Advanced Methods To Help Your Child In Education

As education becomes more attainable and ubiquitous, parents are looking for opportunities to give their children an edge. Here are 10 best ways to give your child an advance academic.

Use that smartphone
There is no shortage of Smartphone apps to help with everything from letters and numbers to calculus and engineering. If you want to learn something, there is probably an app for that.

Khan academy
This is an amazing resource for straightforward, intuitive videos that teach complex topics, and it is a godsend for many parents. It covers everything from arithmetic to macroeconomics.

Explore the world around you
There are likely many museums, historical sites, aquariums, zoos and other interesting locations near you that bring learning to life. These are typically low in cost and high in hands-on learning.

Make reading routine
By making a bedtime story routine, you are encouraging good reading habits for the future. Good reading habits are essential for success in the education system.
Turn of the TV
Turning off the TV opens up more opportunities for exploring, discussing, and learning. TV isn't evil, but it shouldn't be the primary place a child spends their free time.

Bring in a professional tutor
Sometimes you need to bring in an expert. When a child needs more on-on-one time, tutoring is an excellent option. There are many national tutoring companies, Academic Advantage is also one of them!

Make some crafts
Working with different cloths, building materials, tools and art supplies is a great way to stimulate your child's creative side. Google or search on Pinterest "topic + crafts" to find great do-it-yourself craft ideas for any subject.

Take advantage of the library
The books are great, of course, but there are also storytellers, guest speakers and special events. Next time you are there, pick up a copy of their calendar to keep up-to-date.

A better understanding of world issues, people's needs, and those less fortunate will help your child be a more compassionate, well-rounded human being. is a great resource for locating organizations that are in need of volunteers.

Group your lessons
Group activities into overall themes to create dynamic lessons. For instance, do an Animal week, and as part of that do animal crafts, visit the local zoo, volunteer at an animal shelter, read animal stories, and play with an animal app.

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