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Dec 8, 2014

What A LinkedIn Profile Optimized For Social Selling Looks Like - #infographic

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The Ultimate Guide: How to Use LinkedIn for Social Selling
Want to master the art of social selling on LinkedIn?

To be successful in social selling, your LinkedIn profile should not be about you and your achievements. It should be about your buyer’s achievements and how you enabled them.

Take a peek at this infographic from Hubspot and learn how to optimize your LinkedIn page/profile for prospects, not recruiters.

Two key takeaways:

Don’t just write your title, answer at least two questions: Like, who do you help and how do you help them? Craft your headline to be a mini value proposition, packed with verbs and other active language.

Build your network with an eye to quantity and quality: Send customized invitations to anyone you've interacted with, either in person or online. It's okay to request someone you've never met, but make sure to personalize the invitation with a reason you'd like to connect that's relevant to them.

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The Ultimate Guide: How to Use LinkedIn for Social Selling

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