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May 13, 2014

Why The Smarter Brands Race To Respond To Consumers On Social Media - infographic

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#Infographic: Building Stronger Consumer Relationships on #SocialMedia
Did you know that, today 8 in 10 companies believe they provide superior customer service on social media outlets, while the fact is that 9 in 10 consumers disagree.
Most brands are not keeping up with increased engagement, an infographic from Brickfish shows that on average, brands only answers 20 percent of messages that require a response or attention, while for those that answer it usually takes 15 hours on Facebook and nearly 8 hours on Twitter.
At the other hand consumers expect a fast response, on average 42 percent of Facebook users expect a response within 60 minutes and 32 percent Tweeters expect a response within 30 minutes.
The smartest companies build stronger relationships on social media - keep scrolling to see why.

Why The Smarter Brands Race To Respond To Consumers On #SocialMedia - #infographic

Top image credit: salesforce.

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