10+ Facebook Photo Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

10+ Facebook Photo Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]
How much do you know about the photos that are posted on Facebook? The team at SuperFish ran several million images through their visual search platform and found some interesting facts. According to their study every day 350,000,000 images posted on Facebook. 65% of photos was posted without caption. 36% of images include people faces, 27% about places/nature, 28% Memes and graphics, 6% activities and 3% consist of different products and things. Check out this infographic to know more - What types of photos are posted on Facebook?

10+ Facebook Photo Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

More over pictures of people in cars are more common than selfies. And you through texting and driving was bad.
Dogs outnumber cats by 5X perhaps canines are more photogenic than felines.
Tattoo pic are more common than bikinis. In fact, there are 2X more tattoos than tops.
1.4% of graphics uploaded are iPhone screenshots. Anyone knows why people think a shot of their texting is worth sharing?
Most pictures are taken outdoors. Among outdoor shots, waterfalls are 3X more popular than rainbow.

What about you? Let me know in the comments. Do your photo uploading habits match what the infogaphic found?

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