Threads Celebrates First Anniversary With Milestone 175 Million Monthly Active Users

Meta’s Threads just turned one and the app is celebrating the news by sharing another milestone of its journey in the world of social media.

Launched in July of last year, the app had people running in flocks to get a subscription as the platform seemed like the next best thing after Instagram. It was less images and more text and many went as far as to reveal how the launch could give serious competition to archrival X, formerly known as Twitter.

As time passed, the app had its ups and downs but it’s certainly come a long way, facing plenty of hurdles. Today, it’s got a massive monthly userbase featuring over 175 million users and that’s a great point worth celebrating.

Mark Zuckerberg posted through his Threads account how the milestone achieved was just the boost that the app needed. Changes might be coming slowly but the fact that it was bare bones at the start with fierce competition from rivals is certainly something to be proud of.

In the beginning, we saw Meta’s Instagram spin-off platform be rolled out across both iOS and Android devices. Soon after that, the desktop version popped up. We do see it evolving to include more images than before but it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that 63% of all posts published on the app entail only text.

The app has confirmed that more than 50 million Tags were made using the app and amongst those, the most popular ones included BookThreads, PhotographyThreads, and those linked to the Gym.

No matter how much Facebook’s parent firm can deny the fact that it was initially supposed to serve great competition for Twitter, now X, the facts can no longer be ignored. X might have a massive user base and be doing great on its own terms under Elon Musk’s leadership, the competition is there and who knows what the future holds.

Do you recall the faceoff X had with Threads after its launch? The former accused the company of hiring former employees from X to run Threads and therefore trade secrets were getting shared. X felt threatened by the growing presence of Threads and a lawsuit came into being.

Musk continues to boast about X's success and how the user base features more than 600 million active users each month. And while Threads is nowhere near half that mark, it’s more keen on its own personal gains at this moment.

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