Meta’s Threads Platform Just Turned One But How Far Has The Instagram Spin-Off Come?

The first time we heard about Threads was in July of 2023 and it’s safe to say that it’s been one year since the launch of an app that many recall as an Instagram spinoff.

Meta received a huge amount of interest in regards to Threads after the launch last year, but it’s not been easy to maintain the massive popularity that we saw at the start.

The company has had a really tough time in terms of creating a loyal audience as many were keen on witnessing what other features this platform had to offer regarding its sister app Instagram. After all, you had to have an Instagram account to gain access but things didn’t go as planned as many felt it fell short of the hype.

A small fraction of those who signed up made use of Threads as their go-to app. This meant Meta really had to pull up its socks if it wished to come back from a disaster as others were looking for ways of deleting accounts without getting rid of Instagram.

Thankfully, the platform prevailed and we saw the app slowly gain back trust with changes that were in line with the feedback offered by the app’s users. While it may have been a slow start, Threads slowly started becoming known as an app with its own identity and not just a platform shadowed by the overly popular Instagram.

When you compare the trends for usage of Threads from last year to May of this year, it’s safe to say that it’s increased by nearly 15.8% across the US while the rise is not as much in the UK, which stands at 6.3%.

Looking at global traffic, it’s up by 9% and that’s certainly a welcoming figure, considering the great competition that surrounds it.

At the start, the webpage was solely there to market the platform so traffic from 2023 in July was more linked to market interest than real usage of the platform. We soon saw a functional variant of the website be rolled out where users could actually publish content towards the latter part of August that year.

This is where we can conclude how web traffic reportedly grew 175% from what was seen during the start of the launch.

Many do compare the likes of Threads to X. We can confirm that the latter may have nearly 9 times the figure of monthly active users on this app, thanks to stats from estimates of Android and iPhone users in the US. Meanwhile, globally, the X app attains 48% more web traffic than that seen on Threads.

But with time, Threads has managed to gather the interest of users and slowly but surely attained an increased interest which is reflected through the huge amount of interest. Today, it’s being known as Twitter’s fierce arch rival and that is a major statement to make, considering how new Threads is compared to its counterpart text-based social media platform.

H/T: SimilarWeb.

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