New Tool Allows Google Photo Users To Transfer All Media Files To iCloud Photos Easily

Making the switch from Android to iPhone might be on a lot of people’s minds but it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that the transition does come with a few hindrances.

One of the biggest ones has to be a transfer of media files but thanks to a new tool, that problem is getting solved with ease.

Google Photo users can now simply transfer their pictures and videos to iCloud in a painless manner. We agree that other options are present like direct transfer but if you’re a fan of cloud storage, it’s safe to say that the action was much trickier in the past.

Thanks to the Data Transfer Initiative, Android users can shift all media files to iCloud Photos and we’re expecting to see the change roll out next week.

For years, Apple has given its users the chance to shift media files to Google Photos in a pain-free manner. There were some prerequisites involved including enough storage across Google Photos to show support for what’s being shifted and other actions too.

Mostly, there are not too many issues related to file transfer from Google to Apple, as long as directions are followed as seen on the Support Page for Google. Now, the good thing is that user files will not be deleted when the switch is made so if you’d like, you may simply go back to make checks to ensure everything is in place on this new service.

So which files are supported? Thankfully, all the major and commonly used ones like jpg, mp4, gif, divx, ask, png, and RAW too. The list is long and they’re mentioned on the page so users can double-check.

Unsupported files won’t be transferred so always make sure they match the ones shown before you enable the action.

We agree that more limitations and details must also be considered but following the necessary steps and fulfilling the requirements including having accounts on Google that aren’t restricted means you can benefit the most.

There are issues when your account is a child or company one or has features like Advanced Protection activated. But if not, you can be reassured that getting pictures from Google to Apple is as simple as can be. We do agree one disadvantage is the time it takes as it could take up to a week for the process to undergo completion so please do give it a try.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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