Apple Issues New Alert For Increased Spyware Attacks To iPhone Users Across 98 Nations

iPhone maker Apple has just rolled out a new round of threat alerts to its iPhone users around the globe.

The company says spyware attacks are more on the rise now than ever and that’s why it’s making sure they’re aware of the necessary protective measures that need to be taken across 98 nations.

The alert described in detail how possible mercenary spyware incidents are on the rise and this could be the second such round of attacks targeting the tech giant in 2024. A similar warning was rolled out to Apple users in April.

Since the start of 2021, the company has been publishing alerts of this kind to more than 150 countries as per a new support document present on the Cupertino firm's webpage. Moreover, the warning published didn’t disclose who the attackers were or which nationality they belonged to but the fact that many users got the warning meant it’s serious.

The alert spoke about how attackers are working to break into iPhone users’ systems by compromising their Apple ID and the reason they’re being targeted has to do with their profession or identity. It also reiterated how there’s no kind of certainty about an attack arising or not but still, all users must be aware and take such threats seriously to avoid any unfortunate circumstance.

The highly confidential alert also reached users located in India, which is similar to warnings generated to politicians and journalists in the nation. We know how a top human rights group by the name of Amnesty International ended up getting targeted by the online hacking group Pegasus which was formed by spyware actors based in Israel who targeted iPhones of journalists present in India.

Apple continued to stress how the matter was very sensitive in terms of threat identification and therefore users needed to be cautious before adding details that would help attackers prevent themselves from getting detected now and in the future.

Remember, such threats keep getting sophisticated as days go by and that’s why Apple is putting extra effort into describing incidents it calls spyware attacks instead of making use of terminology like state-sponsored incidents.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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