Music Copyright Claims On YouTube: App Offers Creators New Options And Here’s What To Expect

It’s not uncommon for creators to receive copyright claims for music they’ve used while creating content on a certain video. Once a certain claim is addressed or removed, creators can monetize their videos but not before that.

So what options do creators have in terms of editing? For starters, YouTube says there’s Trim, Mute, Song Replacement, and Erase Song. And this can be achieved via the YouTube Studio.

Up until now, creators could make use of the Erase Song feature in Beta to silence any sounds that came with copyrights in the content. However, the tool’s performance just was not as accurate as many would have preferred.

Thankfully, the app is making huge improvements to the feature, with all credit to the enhanced AI-powered algorithm to better highlight, correctly identify, and get rid of content featuring copyright claims.

When the Erase Song feature is clicked, creators will witness two options pop up on the screen. This includes erasing the song and muting all sounds.

All you need to do is click on the Summary page and go to the right-hand side. Depending on the claims’ details, there are several options to select from including erasing the sound if the creator is eligible. Once that’s selected, several options pop up like Audio Intact, Dialogue, and more including Background sounds.

If the creator opts to have all sounds removed, then all the music between the timestamps specified is erased. YouTube confirmed how the feature is up for grabs on the app’s desktop and YouTube Studio mobile in the upcoming few weeks.

In situations where the erase song option does not end up removing a claim successfully on a certain video clip, creators have the chance to explore more options for editing through the app’s YouTube Studio like Trim and Mute.

Seems like the app is on a mission to please creators and this might be a great way to start because let's face it, no one likes to see a copyright infringement label that hinders monetization.

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