Meta’s Research Team Is Working On Four New AI Models To Help Developers Create New Apps

Tech giant Meta is working on developing four new AI models that will assist creators and developers with the curation of new apps.

The model would be available for public use and so far, the design has been published delineating the latest models and how it might be accepted for future use.

The news comes at a time when we witness a significant rise in AI demand, not to mention AI apps that are produced through such models and then further enhanced with capabilities. The latest effort by Meta has four models including two new Chameleon variants as well as JASCO and AudioSeal.

JASCO will accept various kinds of inputs related to audio and help with sound enhancements. Moreover, the team added how users would be able to tweak features including bass sounds, acoustic, and other melodic tunes to give rise to a great beat. This would also be able to accept text inputs that can be utilized for flavor music.

Examples will entail asking models to produce tunes linked to Blues jazz or rock and then also ensuring the hearer is aware that the tune was made using AI-based apps as the watermark would be present. This way, many would understand how the music comes with a commercial license.

Models like AudioSeal actually go as far as to mention which segments of the tune were generated through AI with watermarks being placed accurately in those locations.

Meanwhile, both Chameleon models can convert text to visuals and could be rolled out with limited features. Both variants called 7B and 34B need models to be aware of pictures and tech. Due to this, it carries out reverse processing and can produce captions for images.

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