YouTube’s Crackdown Against Ad-Blockers Continues With Server-Side Ad Injection Experiments

Video-sharing giant YouTube is still going strong with its host of experiments that are designed to counteract ad blockers which restrict the app from making more revenue on this front.

The company is testing new trials that could help counteract such behavior and ensure ad blockers are prevented from serving their usual purpose on its platform.

The newest method being trialed is for a feature called server-side advertising injection. This news was confirmed by SponsorBlock which is a leading name for extensions designed to prevent sponsored segments from popping across a certain app.

So what could this new experiment do, is a question on many people’s minds. As experts claim, the capability is linked to making sure the ad gets integrated into the video so that it’s streamed to a device instead of getting delivered through separate means on the phone’s desktop.

Right now, ad blockers prevent ads from being displayed and function in a way that advertising is intercepted. But as we move forward, the ad is going to appear as if it was always intended to be a part of the content.

In this particular case, all timestamps would get offset by advertising limits.

We can see how this new feature by YouTube is going to be an even bigger problem for all those working to serve as ad blockers on the app. And in case you did not know, YouTube has been in search of ways to counteract the effects of ad blockers and it appears like this new fix would serve ideal purposes for all.

First, the Android maker has browser extensions as its number one target and now, the second main target seems to be third parties that are often a popular choice for mobile devices. The company keeps promoting its Premium Subscription as the best way to steer clear of ads.

While the endeavor is still in its early testing phase, it’s believed that some users are already generating complaints on this front. And that’s even before a wide rollout.

The app fails to delineate what really happens behind the scenes but it’s going to get super interesting to see how such insertions are handled and which changes the app can add to ensure the right form of implementation is done on this ad serving front.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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