YouTube in Crisis, The Jaw-Dropping Number of Copyright Claims Will Astonish You!

YouTube has just gone public with its new transparency report.

The company says that fewer copyright holders might be making use of its Content ID system for work protection. However, despite this decline, people are still generating a lot of complaints in regard to their copyrights being infringed through videos on the app.

The fact that the figure went above and beyond the one billion mark is devastating and eye-opening to say the least, showing how many creators are not happy. Meanwhile, the app is said to be one of the most popular streaming platforms around the globe. So you can only imagine where this is all coming from and why it’s shocking.

The popularity of this platform means big money and so many creators are resorting to it to earn a living. Furthermore, the app itself manages to generate billions on a yearly basis in terms of revenue.

Seeing the rise in reports for just six months says so much as the claims go above and beyond those anticipated by both experts and newbies.

This is why the company says it has an accurate and very useful system in place dubbed Content ID that helps creators stay aware of what’s taking place and hence have their videos flagged when copyright claims get infringed.

But what happens when the content does get flagged? Well, creators have the option of getting it removed while others can choose to monetize it, whatever the preference could be of those making the claim.

The system is designed to work great but the amount of access it provides is limited to a small figure of copyright holders. As per the app’s transparency report, this group continues to shrink each day.

If a user or a firm does not have access to this system, they can generate complaints in the form of DMCA notices through manual means. On the other hand, we can see how there are close to three million users on the app that attain access to tools dubbed Copyright Match which also saw a stark 25% rise than previous times.

The fact that it got close to one billion claims for Copyright ID means the figures for content getting flagged are rising and hitting new highs. Most of the videos are not getting removed but they are serving as sources for monetization, the platform confirmed.

This means it’s a giant business that ends up rolling out close to $9 billion in terms of revenue for many rightsholders in the next couple of years.

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