LinkedIn Gets Rid Of Its Personalized Targeted Advertising Practices For EU Users

If you happen to be tired of seeing ads on the popular networking platform LinkedIn, you might want to read further.

The company has just confirmed how it won’t be allowing advertisers to carry on with their respective and invasive ad targeting ordeals in the EU region. This is all thanks to the amount of personal data it used to attain by such means.

The decision comes just a few months after we saw a host of civil society groups roll out complaints on this front with the EC regarding a potential violation of the DSA.

The Digital Services Act came into play in February of this year and it was created to put out a strict governance on this front in terms of what online content was being thrown in the users’ direction.

The ordeal is created to put out strict governance for content generated online including a list of obligations regarding how transparent algorithms need to be and how users could be targeted on this front.

We first saw LinkedIn roll out Groups in 2010 so that different users from all over the globe could connect with one another and various interest areas. So LinkedIn thought it was a great way to double down on the product via its respective flagship platform beginning in 2018.

After getting plenty of complaints in February of this year from the EC, it was warned that using personalized advertising practices based on such means as race and explicit themed material would no longer be allowed.

The company’s head for legal and digital safety added how it did not agree with the claims put out by the app in terms of targeting users for a certain list of data but still, it would get rid of the feature anyway.

LinkedIn says it would do everything possible to get rid of any misconceptions linked to ads where users are worried about campaigns linked to advertising.

The company is smart to carry all of this out as it faces a mighty hurdle in all of Europe in this regard and many others. So to nip it in the bud seems to be a smart choice.

Remember, this is just restricted to those in the EU so others around the globe can be assured that advertising practices would continue as usual.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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