YouTube Allows Creators To Edit Super Long Videos Within The App’s Studio

Popular video-sharing platform YouTube is allowing creators to edit super-long videos, which was not possible in the past, due to constraints across its system.

The company mentioned how the new and enhanced feature is present in the YouTube studio as the app also sheds light on better comment moderation and processes for removal taking place simultaneously.

For starters, the app says longer video edits will give creators the chance to edit videos that are greater than six hours in duration which was never possible in the past. The app also released a new statement on this front that highlighted how creators struggled with longer content including those coming from live streaming events.

Many flagged that as a painful point but now the company is glad to announce how it’s removing length limits but did warn how longer content would obviously have a longer turnover time for edits and processing.

Live stream appears to be the main use scenario here as longer replays would be eligible for longer edits but creators have been warned about the downfall of indulging in just that.

In most situations, people would wish to edit clips to lengths that could be digestible so that the viewership is maximal. But that also means saying hello to value in terms of ridding certain elements from replays that give more control over such material.

The app says the new editing capability will be up for grabs to all by the month’s end so stay tuned!

On the other hand, the platform is also making it so much simpler to manage channel comments inside a Studio by allowing users to select actions and multiple comment features at the same time across the Publish tab.

For now, channels could select several comments for action present in Held for Review across the YouTube Studio. This is where creators could choose and moderate comments present on the tab for publishing as the goal is to help with making moderating much simpler.

This is true for creators who attain big volumes of comments that aren’t loved or wanted.

The goal seems to be linked to better streamlining and management while allowing quicker action on comments from the listing of Published material. This is in comparison to going through a review process.

The app is also soon making way for a new affiliate program that would enable eligible creators located in Korea to make the most of the feature. The goal in this regard seems to be linked to expanding the commerce push in-stream on this app.

Similarly, it hopes to make small changes in the manner by which titles pop up across Shorts for Android.

While the updates might seem to be minor right now, they do seem to have great value in terms of how the app is used online by different people and creators.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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