Instagram Rolls Out New Restricted Viewer Option For Its Live Sessions Amongst Other Exciting Features

Meta’s popular Instagram app is back with some exciting new features and we bet users are going to love what’s on offer.

For starters, the app is enabling a new restricted viewership button for its Live sessions so that means you can select who can or cannot join. The feature called Close Friends allows Instagram Live to have a smaller or more personalized group tune-in when livestreaming is being conducted.

This way, all of those added to your Close Friends list can see what you’re up to and the limit for broadcasts that are said to be more intimate is three.

The idea is to help creators or users carry out a more personalized Live where collaboration, planning, and simple meetups can be suggested. Such updates would provide influencers the chance to host a livestream to ensure private audiences get the most out of this.

Since the end of last year, users have been given the chance to limit viewership on Reels and Posts to just Close Friends. Now, the app is searching for means to link friends and followers with a personalized touch. That means it would follow in the footsteps of DMs, Notes, and Notes that are already so popular on the app.
When we talk of Notes, we’re seeing the app flag a few aspects of the rollout to enable video postings as notes. This replaces profile pictures for a short while, and you can change your DP when you send out a birthday wish or add an animation when wishing a good pal a Happy Birthday.

Whenever you wish the friend a birthday or make use of specific terms, the algorithm would remember that and hence change your picture each time, unless you opt out of that. How cute!

Lastly, we’re hearing more about the app rolling out a new update called Welcome Feed. This enables users to include music in any carousel post featuring videos. For now, this was only possible if you wanted a tune included to those featuring only images but seeing it expand to videos is certainly going to be fun and exciting as it adds another unique dimension that was not seen previously. What do you think?

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