WhatsApp’s Future Update Will Allow Users To Transfer Old Chat History Into Their New Phones

The fear of losing out on all of your old chats, because you switched your phone, is daunting for a lot of people. And if you happen to be an avid WhatsApp user, it can be a sticky mess.

Thankfully, Meta has listened to people’s silent cries and prayers and is now working on a future update for WhatsApp that enables users to transfer old chat history into their current or new devices.

The news was first published by Wabetainfo today who confirmed that the company is working on it and while it might not be up for grabs to beta testers just it, the matter is exciting. The other usual way of doing so is by enabling chat transfers without the need for Google Drive. All you need to do is scan the QR codes found in the app’s settings tab.

The above feature would eliminate the use of manual backups seen on Google Drive and provide enhanced means for data transfers. Still, the company wishes to explore better and easier means to transfer chat history and this new feature in the works seems to be the answer.

More details on this front are not available at the moment but the feature seems to be universal and does not rely on just one certain means or section to get the job done. iPhone users will also be happy as no specific mention of only Android phones was made.

We must mention how WhatsApp is showing support for chat history transfers from any one device to the next so no need of separate physical cables for process completion is needed here. We’ll keep you updated on this front when more details are received and until then, stay tuned.

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