Google Confirms ChromeOS Development Will Be Done On Large Chunks Of Android Stacks

Google has laid down its future plans regarding ChromeOS and how its development will be done via large stacks of Android in the future.

This means ChromeOS would be leveraging Android Linux and other Android system frameworks.

One clear-cut benefit of this act would entail making the whole engineering process simple and not requiring duplication of tasks. This is because working from the same framework codebases means doing things more simply. Today, the model leverages work from this kernel seen on ChromeOS. And Google feels such a move is necessary in terms of serving as a continuation of such efforts.

Another example of this behavior is ChromeOS which is moving toward attaining Android Bluetooth stacks after it managed to maintain its own. Experts believe such switches have given rise to quicker pairing and enhanced success with Bluetooth connections and reconnections.

For a while now, we saw Google cite AI as a major reason behind the big move. The goal was to bring forward tech slack based on Android in ChromeOS that enables acceleration of AI at the heart of ChromeOS.

As it is, Google is already carrying out plenty of consumer-related Generative AI work through Android. It makes use of Google Photos to give rise to a Chromebook where users can make the most of Magic Editors. On the other hand, we saw the launch of generative AI wallpapers throughout Chrome after it was available through Android.

The Android maker does see huge benefits with this new trend as it can assist devices like a mobile phone and respective accessories from working in a more productive means through Chromebooks.

With Bluetooth stacks up for grabs, a lot of the accessories are being tested across Android and mobiles instead of Chromebooks. Remember, ChromeOS switches enable laptops to attain benefits from mobile support that’s currently in existence.

The work is all set to start right now and will not be up for grabs to use in a while, the search engine giant mentioned. However, usual software updates and the latest innovations would carry on as planned. Did we mention how work across Chromebook Plus is going to continue?

Google has put out support regarding the latest features belonging to ChromeOS such as ‘Where Was I?’ and ‘Help Me Read’.

The company hopes to go on delivering security that’s unmatched by all others and also hopes it ticks all the right boxes in terms of looks and feels. There are plenty of management capabilities at stake here and Google promises to deliver like always.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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