TikTok Leads May 2024 App Revenue with $203M, YouTube Follows with $131M; Top 10 Hit $791M

This week, AppFigures released an analysis of the highest-earning and most-downloaded apps for May 2024, which came up with findings that were more or less a continuation of the trends observed in April.

Here are some of the key highlights for highest-earning apps.

Highest-Earning Apps in May: TikTok Reigns with $203M, YouTube at $131M; Combined Top 10 Hits $791M.

TikTok topped the revenue charts, generating an impressive $169 million from the iOS App Store and another $34 million from Google Play in one month, bringing its total revenue to $203 million. Coming in second place was YouTube, with revenue of $131 million from the iOS App Store.

Disney+ grossed a total revenue of $107 million, with $76 million earned through iOS and the rest through Google Play. Fourth was Tinder, with a total of $88 million in earnings, whereas Max app was in the last position in the top five, with $70 million.

Combined TotalRevenueiOS App StoreRevenueGoogle PlayRevenue
TikTok$203MTikTok$169MGoogle One$35M
Bumble$42MTencent Video$38MSpotify$14M
Tencent Video$38MLinkedIn$33MTwitch$11M
Crunchyroll$36MQQ Music$32MAmazon$9M
Google One$36MHulu$30MPeacock TV$9M

Further down the list, 腾讯视频 (Tencent Video) made $38M on iOS alone, and Bumble brought in $42M overall. LinkedIn took in $40M, most of which from iOS, and QQ音乐 (QQ Music) brought in $32M on that platform. Hulu rounded out the top ten with $36M in overall revenue.

Standouts across the top lists for the month included Spotify, which received an estimated $14 million from Google Play. In comparison, Crunchyroll grossed an equivalent $14m, Twitch $11m, and both Amazon and Peacock TV $9m apiece just from Google Play store. In total, the top 10 applications accumulated $791 million in net revenue during May month, both from iOS and Android stores.

Most Downloaded Apps Worldwide in May

May proved to be the most active month in mobile app downloads, with a significant shift in rankings compared to April, i.e. according to Appfigures.

The Most Downloaded Apps in the World: Discover the hottest apps of May 2024 with our breakdown of the most downloaded titles, from Instagram's dominance to TikTok's global appeal

Instagram led the downloads chart with a combined total of 66 million number, driven by the largest share from Google Play—58 million. TikTok came in second, with 51 million—split between 15 million on iOS and 36 million on Google Play.

Facebook stood third with 50M downloads, all from Google Play. WhatsApp sustained fourth with a total of 38M downloads. CapCut and Temu took the fifth and sixth spots, respectively, with 28M and 29M downloads each.

Combined TotalDownloadsiOS App StoreDownloadsGoogle PlayDownloads
WhatsApp38MGoogle Maps9MWhatsApp31M
JioCinema20MThreads7MWhatsApp Business17M

Considerable successes, primarily on Google Play, were also registered by Messenger and Telegram, with nearly 27 and 28 million downloads. In the top ten, there were also Snapchat and JioCinema, downloaded 21M and 20M times. Notably, high download numbers were also recorded by WhatsApp Business app, with 17M downloads; CapCut and Telegram, both at 19M; JioCinema, 20M, on Google Play. TikTok was a decently large downloader on iOS, with 15M; CapCut was at 10M; Temu hit 9M, among several others. The report from Appfigures found that in May, the top 10 apps together racked up 358 million downloads across both major app stores—a solid 10% share higher than in April.

So, there you have it — TikTok's making it rain with $203 million, and Instagram's just casually collecting 66 million downloads. Welcome to the wild world of apps in May 2024!

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