Highest Earning And Most Downloaded Apps In April 2024 Unveiled

The month of April is far behind us and that means it’s time to review which apps made the list in terms of popularity and which ones managed to make it big in regards to earnings for the month.

Coming first to massive earnings, it was safe to say that this past month didn’t see much change and therefore it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that things remained mostly stagnant in regards to revenue.

As far as the app that made the greatest figures for revenue, it was social media giant TikTok that managed to cinch the leading position from around the world. And we can only imagine that this win means a lot, considering how it arrives at a time when we’re seeing it get banned in the US after a controversial bill was passed and signed into law by Congress.

The revenue streak started during the latter part of 2023 and since then, we have seen the app really push forward full stream with no signs of turning back. We agree that the figures aren’t as great as what it has achieved in the past, but it’s much higher than the same period in 2023 so this win must be appreciated.

The top five was rounded off with Disney+, Tinder, and then Max which was like a similar replica of what was witnessed last month. All the platforms saw a small rise in their earnings for April but the only exception to the list was Disney+ which did drop a little.

Moving on to those that didn’t do so well, it’s worth mentioning that the bottom half of the list did change from that witnessed in March.

We saw Duolingo attain the seventh ranking which is a major win as it was at number ten before. Meanwhile, Tencent Video saw its entry into the list for the first time as did the Google One app. The ranking of the former might be related to the fact that it’s the only position where the platform is present.

You can find Google One across various social media platforms but as far as revenue is concerned, it all comes from Google Play. Hence, we thought that was quite an impressive and interesting entry.

As a whole, the top ten gave rise to a net revenue of $763 million as per reports from App Intelligence. Yes, it’s less than that seen for March but it does continue to trend in a manner that’s much more than the same time last year. So developers certainly have something to celebrate this month.

Moving on to App downloads for April 2024, we can confirm from stats taken from App Intelligence that this month was more bizarre than others thanks to stagnancy.

The Instagram platform turned out to be the most installed platform around the globe with estimates hitting the 55 million milestone for devices found around the world. Meanwhile, the popular app from Meta was also seen rising one rank above to dethrone its Meta sibling platform Facebook which went to number two on the list.

Facebook had a fall in downloads but that does not mean it can be underestimated as the growth is still there. To be more specific, it was installed 48 million times more from its respective Play and App Stores this past month. Hence, that’s a major win worth noticing.

To round up the top five most downloaded apps for April of 2024, we’ve got TikTok, WhatsApp, and even the popular texting app Telegram. All of these apps were a replica of the rankings seen in March but downloads did generally increase by a small margin across the board for all.

Other highlights worth mentioning include Temu which lost out on its leading position for users that were temporary and now it’s seeing momentum regain. Moreover, a 10% rise in installations ended up pushing it to number 7 in the chart. After that, we saw Meta’s Threads lose out on some leads as installations fell causing the app to reach number 10 from six in April.

As a whole, figures for these most installed apps from all over the globe witnessed a combined download figure of 325 million and that’s a little less than what was witnessed in the month before. But because March was generally big across the board, this is not a huge surprise at all.

So yes, April did not get a lot of change in regards to both downloads and revenue earnings but with that being said, this sets the stage for an anticipated month of May where summer kicks in around the globe.

Charts via AppFigures.

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