Survey Reveals PR Pros' Social Media Secrets: LinkedIn Dominates, X Left in the Dust!

According to the latest State of PR Report, LinkedIn has left X behind as a useful platform for PR professionals. X, formerly known as Twitter, has always been an authentic and useful platform for journalists and Public Relations (PR) specialists. But most of the journalists and PR professionals stopped using the platform after Elon Musk took over it in 2022. After surveying 1116 PR specialists and professionals from April to May it was found that these PR professionals think of LinkedIn as the most valuable and useful platform instead of other platforms like X, Facebook and Instagram.

61% of the PR professionals who were surveyed said that they are trying to use LinkedIn more, while 15% are trying to spend more time on X and 11% on Facebook. A few years back, X was the second most used platform for hiring reporters after emails. Now, only 10% of the PR professionals use X for hiring reporters, which is even less than hiring reporters through phone calls and text messages.
As everyone is using TikTok nowadays, each social media platform is introducing short-form videos on their platforms. LinkedIn is also introducing TikTok like videos on its platforms. This feature will help in attracting young creators towards the platform. On the other hand, Facebook has also introduced a professional mode on its platform and has also made it easier to share short videos to direct messages. Even with all these features on different apps, TikTok is still leading among PR professionals with an 8% YoY increase according to the report.

Social Media Showdown: LinkedIn Surges as X Fades - What You Need to Know!

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