Study Reveals Most Trusted and Distrusted Big Tech Companies in the US

Many of the big companies have infiltrated every part of the world. Most of these companies are always under some kind of controversies like data and privacy breaches, and environmental damages. Even with all these controversies, we cannot judge all the companies under one criterion. All About Cookies conducted a survey of 1,000 US adults to find out what they think of America’s top 10 tech companies. These companies were also compared with the US government.

According to the survey, the US government is the least trusted entity among US adults while TikTok is the most distrusted. The company US adults trust the most is Amazon (70%), followed by Google (65%) and Netflix (64%). Even with all the distrust in different companies, the US government still remained the least trusted (28%).

The survey also asked the respondents which tech CEOs they dislike the most. 42% of the respondents answered Elon Musk, while Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, was the least disliked one (18%). The rest of the survey also showed that people trusted X (formerly Twitter) and Tesla the least, both owned by Elon Musk. Another CEO that was most disliked by respondents was Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta (and Facebook).
When asked which companies respondents trust with their data, the highest trusted company for personal data (59%) and financial data (54%) was Amazon. The most distrusted tech companies in terms of personal and financial data were Meta (53%), Tesla (51%), X (60%), and TikTok (68%). The survey also asked respondents if they think big tech companies care about their customers. 54% of respondents said that Amazon truly cares about their customers, while 18% think that they do not care about their customers. Other companies that respondents thought care about their customers were Google (50%), Microsoft (48%), and Apple (47%).

Respondents said the companies that do not care about their customers are Tesla (41%), X (53%), and TikTok (51%). Comparing this with the US government, only 29% believe that they care about their citizens while 44% believe that they do not.

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